About OnlineEdDPrograms.com

OnlineEdDPrograms.com was created to help working professionals and educators find online EdD programs that help them meet their career goals. Our mission in creating this site was to provide the only comprehensive directory available on the Internet of accredited online EdD programs, and to supplement this directory with informational articles, interviews, and FAQs about such topics as EdD dissertations and research requirements, admission requirements, and curriculum structure.

We conduct our own independent research, combining multiple sources and contacting dozens of universities with program specific questions. We also write all of our own content in-house so that we can control both the quality and accuracy of the content we publish. Our top priority is providing prospective EdD students with quality content about online EdD programs, and therefore we continually update the listings and resources on our site as new school information is released.

We care about your feedback. If you find something that is incorrect or outdated on our site, or feel that we are missing important content regarding education-related careers or EdD programs, please use our contact us form, and we will do our best to add your suggested content as we continue to develop and improve the site. Visit our homepage to get started researching online Doctor of Education programs.

OnlineEdDPrograms.com Team

OnlineEdDPrograms.com was created by acgtMedia, LLC, a small independent publishing company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. acgtMedia, LLC was founded on the principle that education-based resources should be comprehensive so that students can research and explore all available programs.

Aaron Tooley, PhD – Founder and Researcher
Aaron founded acgtMedia, LLC after spending over 10 years in academia conducting research, and then working online in content editing and web production. Aaron decided to take his research background to the field of Online Education, where he now enjoys researching degree programs in order to help students make informed decisions about graduate school. Aaron earned is BA from UC Berkeley and his PhD from UCSF.