Career Interviews on Educational and Organizational Leadership

The Doctor of Education can prepare graduates for diverse careers in educational and organizational leadership careers. With the wealth of EdD specializations available, from Educational Leadership to Curriculum and Instruction, Executive and Organizational Leadership, and School Improvement, EdD students have a myriad of options to craft innovative and impactful professional paths.

To help prospective and current EdD students better understand how an EdD degree can prepare them for leadership roles in and out of academia, developed this Career Interviews series, featuring candid and insightful interviews with educational and organizational leaders across industries, from online higher education to business development. Through this interview series, students can read about the following:

  • Advice on how to excel in their careers and navigate important questions on the way to professional fulfillment.
  • Insight into the typical responsibilities and challenges educational and organizational leaders might face in their area of work.
  • How students can make the most out of their doctoral education experience.
  • The ways in which educational and organizational leaders apply doctoral-level research on a daily basis to solving problems in their place of work.
  • How EdD graduates can diversify their professional experiences through teaching, entrepreneurial endeavors, and more.

Superintendent Interviews

Interview with Deneen Guss, Ed.D. – Monterey County Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Deneen Guss is the Monterey County Superintendent of Schools. She ensures the fiscal solvency of all the school districts under her purview, and coordinates innovative academic programs to serve Monterey County’s diverse student body.

Interview with Tim Harkrider, Ed.D. – Willis Independent School District

Dr. Tim Harkrider is the Superintendent of the Willis Independent School District in Texas. He oversees the district budget, classroom curriculum development, student enrichment programs, and teacher training and support. He has introduced multiple innovative solutions into Willis ISD’s classrooms.

Interview with David Miyashiro, Ed.D., Ph.D. – Cajon Valley Union School District

Dr. David Miyashiro is the Superintendent of Cajon Valley Union School District. He has garnered numerous awards and recognition for integrating innovative learning technologies into the classroom at all grade levels, and designing learning initiatives that build community resilience and engagement.

Interview with Robert Sormani, Ed.D. – Hutto Independent School District

Dr. Robert Sormani is the Associate Superintendent of Instruction and Innovation at Hutto ISD in Texas, where he supervises campus operations for all of Hutto’s schools, heads the special education department, and serves as liaison between the district board and Superintendent, principals, teachers, and the community.

Higher Education Leadership Interviews

Interview with Sarah Steinberg, Ed.D. – The University of Arizona Global Campus

Dr. Sarah Steinberg is Provost and Senior VP at The University of Arizona Global Campus. She oversees strategic initiatives to expand UAGC’s reach nationwide and globally, and works with UAGC’s Executive Cabinet to maintain high quality online academic programs and student support.

PreK-12 Educational Leadership Interviews

Interview with Isaac Huang, Ed.D. – Fillmore Unified School District

Dr. Isaac Huang is the Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities for Fillmore Unified School District, where he designs and implements innovative education programs that advance student learning and DEI. Dr. Huang is also the President of the California Association of Asian and Pacific Leaders in Education.

CPED Ed.D. Innovation Interviews

Interview with Kimberlee Everson, Ph.D. – Western Kentucky University

Dr. Kimberlee Everson is Chair of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate’s Dissertation in Practice Award Committee. She is also Associate Professor of Research Methods at Western Kentucky University’s The School of Leadership and Professional Studies.

Interview with Sara Ewell, Ph.D. – Northeastern University

Dr. Sara Ewell is the Assistant Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs for the Graduate School of Education at Northeastern University, where she oversees program development, faculty support, and student advising for Northeastern’s graduate programs in education and education leadership.

Interview with Walter Kahumoku III, Ph.D. and Lori Ideta, Ed.D. – University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Dr. Walter Kahumoku is Co-Director of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa’s Ed.D. in Professional Educational Practice. He plays an instrumental role in the design of the Ed.D.'s curriculum and forges productive partnerships with community organizations throughout Hawai'i. He is also an advocate for bringing Indigenous Hawaiian educational practices into the classroom.

Dr. Lori Ideta is Vice Provost for Student Success at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, where she also serves as Co-Director of the Ed.D. in Professional Educational Practice. She designs and implements programs for student support and success, and also collaborates with Dr. Kahumoku to ensure the Ed.D. provides excellent mentorship and professional development for its students.

Interview with Jill Perry, Ph.D. – The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate

Dr. Jill Perry is the Executive Director of The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, an organization that has redefined the Ed.D. and served as a hub of innovation and community-building amongst faculty of Ed.D. programs and their students. Dr. Perry is also an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.