Resources for Current and Prospective Online Doctor of Education (EdD) Students

Applying to and completing an online EdD program is not a trivial undertaking. This degree involves intensive study, research, discussion, and applied practice. Completing an EdD, however, can help education professionals reach their goals of advancing in education leadership and administration. was created to give current and prospective students the tools they need to make informed decisions about online EdD programs. To supplement our directory of accredited online EdD programs, we have created resources on the curricular structure and admission requirements for EdD programs, as well as in-depth resources on the dissertation component of EdD programs, campus residencies, internships, and accreditation considerations.

For education professionals who are interested in the career opportunities that an EdD may afford them, we will be creating career related content to complement our program/degree related resources. We continually update the site with fresh information and new articles that serve our readership, and are always open to feedback on our content and ideas for other feature articles that would be useful to prospective students.

Resources for Online EdD Programs

Accreditation for Online EdD Programs: Schools of education that offer EdD programs must meet rigorous institutional, and sometimes programmatic, accreditation requirements. This resource article describes the different types of organizations that accredit EdD programs, and what students should look for when researching programs.

Admission Requirements for Online EdD Programs: Admissions requirements for EdD programs are designed to determine students’ readiness to engage in intensive courses, dissertation research, and presentations to faculty. This article provides a detailed overview of the typical EdD admission requirements, and also covers admissions considerations for programs that do not require a Master’s degree.

EdD Dissertations and Doctoral Capstone Projects: This resource covers the essential details of EdD dissertations and doctoral capstone projects. It also explains ways for students to prepare for important dissertation and capstone milestones, such as research proposals and final presentations.

Structure of Online EdD Programs: This detailed resource covers all the main aspects of online EdD programs, including their curricular structure, dissertation and capstone project requirements, course delivery methods, internship requirements, and on-campus intensives.