Scholarly Interviews on Educational Research and Doctor of Education Dissertations

Scholarly research is at the center of education leadership and improvement. From the doctoral dissertation to the cycles of education program development, implementation, and evaluation/assessment that education leaders use in the field, gathering and interpreting data on education outcomes is a key skill for anyone looking to step into an educational or organizational leadership role. For individuals who are interested in what the research process involves, has created a dedicated Scholarly Interview series, featuring in-depth interviews with EdD graduates about their dissertations, as well as discussions with education leaders and scholars in the field regarding their research process and how it is integrated into the other aspects of their work.

Through the interviews in this series, prospective EdD students and education professionals can learn the following:

  • The process of identifying and refining actionable research questions.
  • The diverse education challenges and issues that education scholars have investigated with the aim of improving the quality of and equitable access to education.
  • The different research methodologies that education scholars employ, including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research.
  • The ways in which EdD students’ dissertations enhance their professional work and shape their career trajectories.
  • How the dissertation research process parallels (and yet is distinct from) in-the-field research that advanced education leaders use to assess and improve education programming and learning outcomes.

Ed.D. Dissertation Interviews