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Online Doctor of Education (EdD) programs have experienced both a growth in numbers and an expansion in specializations. In addition to more traditional programs that focus on educational leadership and administration, students can now pursue EdD programs in organizational leadership that focus more broadly on the role of education and training in any organization. EdD programs are academically rigorous and typically require the completion of a dissertation or other doctorate-level research or professional project. To give prospective students a clear and comprehensive illustration of online EdD programs, including typical curriculum structure and courses, the skills students can expect to build, faculty research areas and opportunities, and the academic and career support they may offer, created this Faculty Interview Series. This Interview Series features candid insights from faculty members and program directors of online EdD Programs nationwide, covering topics such as:

  • The core curriculum and specialization options of their online EdD program, as well as a discussion of key learning outcomes students can expect
  • Faculty mentorship opportunities and how to optimize them to advance one’s career in education-based leadership
  • Advice on navigating the dissertation and/or final project of their program, including delving into the research process and leveraging faculty guidance and other resources
  • How to optimize one’s application to a selective EdD program
  • The online technologies that their program integrates into the curriculum and assignments to ensure students’ engagement with course concepts, peers, and instructors
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Interview with Gage Jeter, Ph.D. – University of Florida

Dr. Jeter is the Program Coordinator for the University of Florida’s Online Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, and oversees the development of the program’s curriculum. He also teaches courses and advises students as a Clinical Assistant Professor.
“One of the things that is most attractive about our program is the relationship building between students and between students and faculty, and how those relationships enhance the work that occurs in our program.”


Interview with Matt Varga, Ph.D. – University of West Georgia

Dr. Varga is the Chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Professional Counseling at UWG, where he oversees several undergraduate and graduate programs within the College of Education and teaches courses as an Associate Professor.
“That is the leading mission here at the College of Education—to help students build their leadership capabilities and improve education institutions and systems through innovative methods.”

Interview with Mary Alice Varga, Ph.D. – University of West Georgia

Dr. Varga is the Director of the online Ed.D. in School Improvement at the University of West Georgia, where she advises students, oversees curriculum development and admissions, and teaches courses as an Associate Professor of Educational Research.
“Our program is unique, and there are a number of educational leadership programs out there, but ours is specifically focused on school improvement. We are very purposeful in admitting students who are in leadership positions and who are dealing with actual issues in their learning environments that need to be improved.”


Interview with Tony Talbert, Ed.D and Sandi Cooper, Ph.D. – Baylor University

Dr. Tony Talbert is the Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives at Baylor University, where he oversees programming for the School of Education and partners with local and national organizations to further BU’s mission statement.
“We have observed that our cohorts of students become so engaged with one another that they develop a culture of collegial collaboration.”

Dr. Sandi Cooper is the Program Director for Baylor University’s Online Ed.D. in Learning and Organizational Change. She manages the program’s curriculum, student admissions and advising, and faculty hiring and support.
“One of the best qualities of our program is how it accommodates a broader scope of students when compared to other EdD programs… This program is a great option for any individual who wants to enact organizational change through education and curricular development and design.”