Online EdD Program Specializations / Concentrations

A wide variety of online EdD program concentrations/specializations exist, allowing students to tailor their academic training to their specific interests within education. Depending on their chosen concentration and their program’s requirements, students can expect to complete 40-70 credits over the course of three to five years. In general, all EdD programs cover core elements of education leadership, such as learning theory, organizational systems and administration, and other topics relevant to the creation, management, and improvement of educational programs in academic and corporate contexts. After students complete the core curriculum, they proceed to specialization courses and electives.

EdD specializations allow students to gain knowledge and training in specific areas of education leadership, administration, research, assessment, and improvement. For example, if an individual would like to work specifically with young children, he or she might wish to specialize in early childhood education. Similarly, individuals interested in learning more about impacting education outcomes at the policy development level may wish to specialize in education policy, while education professionals who want to learn more about managing e-learning programs and understand how technological advancements can enhance education may wish to explore EdD programs in e-learning and education technology.

To learn more about EdD specializations, including examples of core and specialization specific courses, elective courses, and potential career paths for graduates, check out the specialization pages below.

Online EdD Program Specializations

Online EdD in Adult Education

These programs focus on preparing educators and other professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to both effectively teach adult students and drive innovation in lifelong learning.

Online EdD in Community College Leadership

Programs in this specialization help prepare education professionals to excel in a wide range of administrative positions at two-year colleges, focusing on everything from adult learning theory and research to organizational strategy and resource management.

Online EdD in Curriculum and Instruction

This concentration focuses specifically on curriculum design, development, implementation, evaluation, and improvement.

Online EdD in Diversity and Multiculturalism

This specialization focuses on leadership with a particular emphasis on the promotion of diversity and multiculturalism in different educational settings through diversity awareness and tolerance initiatives.

Online EdD in Early Childhood Education

These programs help prepare education professionals to take on leadership roles in pre-K and primary school settings, focusing on topics such as child development, organizational management, educational policy, and more.

Online EdD in Education Policy

Programs with a focus in education policy prepare students to work in government departments of education at the local, state, and national levels.

Online EdD in Education Technology and E-Learning

This specialization educates students in the current educational technologies available at the K-12 level as well as in colleges and universities, and trains students to manage educational programs that use education technology and e-learning.

Online EdD in Educational Leadership and Administration

This concentration prepares students to be leaders in the management, evaluation, and improvement of educational systems such as K-12 schools, school districts, universities, education advocacy or research institutions, or government departments.

Online EdD in Entrepreneurship in Education

This specialization prepares students to work at the intersection of education and business to identify issues within educational systems and resolve them through innovative solutions.

Online EdD in Healthcare Professions

These programs prepare individuals to lead medical and health care organizations, educate nurses and other medical professionals, and design training and education programming in the health care space.

Online EdD in Higher Education Leadership

These programs teach students the advanced knowledge and skills they need to take on leadership roles in postsecondary administration, managing academic or student services at a college or university, or overseeing institutions as a dean, provost, or college president.

Online EdD in K-12 Leadership

These programs are designed to help education professionals learn the advanced theoretical knowledge and management skills needed to be effective administrators in primary and secondary school settings.

Online EdD in Organizational Leadership

This specialization helps current and aspiring leaders gain the knowledge and skills they need to effectively manage organizations, both in and outside of academia.

Online EdD in Special Education

This concentration educates students in creating, implementing, and assessing curricula and educational programs for students with special needs.