Online Doctor of Education (EdD) Programs in New Hampshire

Updated: January 3, 2024

At present, Rivier University is the only non-profit school in New Hampshire that offers an online EdD program. Rivier’s online EdD in Leadership and Learning prepares students to lead organizational change and research-based improvements to educational settings. Rivier University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). To learn more about the EdD in Leadership and Learning, please read below.

Schools in New Hampshire with Online EdD Programs

Located in Nashua, Rivier University offers an online EdD in Leadership and Learning that seeks to empower students to take a research-intensive approach to improving educational programs, systems, and policies. Students of this program also learn about cutting-edge research regarding human growth, development, and learning, as well as the role that counseling, help, and support have in enacting positive change. A total of 51 course credits are required to earn the degree, and students take two seven-week courses per semester to complete the program in approximately three years.

While all classes in this program are administered online, there is one on-campus experience that is required each year that students are enrolled (for a total of three campus-based intensives overall). These campus experiences span the weekend (from Friday to Saturday) and are intended to provide students with key support systems as they work on their dissertation (with the first on-campus experience including a Doctoral Studies Orientation). During these experiences, students meet with their faculty mentors to discuss their research, meet their classmates, and also engage in learning activities that solidify their understanding and application of concepts learned in classes.

The curriculum for this program is composed of 32 credits of Core Courses, followed by 12 credits of Specialization Courses, which students can choose from the program’s elective offerings. They also complete 8 credits of dissertation research work, which they fulfill under the guidance of their dissertation chair and two other faculty members who comprise their committee. Examples of core courses include Advances in Mind, Brain, and Learning; Culturally Competent Leadership; Distinctions Among Vulnerable Populations; and Review of Research Into Leadership and Learning. Students begin work on their dissertation in their first year of enrollment, completing dissertation milestones under the guidance of their faculty advisors.

Students interested in pursuing their EdD online in a specialization not available at Rivier University, such as Instructional Technology or Curriculum and Development, might want to research online EdD programs offered by out-of-state schools that accept applications from residents of New Hampshire. Many of these programs can be completed entirely online, while others include one or more on-campus residencies or other in-person elements (such as a comprehensive exam or dissertation defense). To learn more about specialization options for online EdD programs and to browse a comprehensive listing of programs, check out our Online EdD Program Specializations page.

Online EdD Programs in New Hampshire

For further information on Rivier University’s Online EdD program, click on the link below to visit the program’s website.

Rivier University

Accreditation: NECHE
Department: Department of Education and Counseling