Online Doctor of Education (EdD) Programs in Maine

Updated: January 3, 2024

Maine is home to only one school that offers a Doctor of Education program online. Students can pursue an EdD in Transformative Leadership through entirely online study from the University of New England (UNE) in Biddeford. The cohort-based program uses a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction, and includes no campus visit requirements. UNE is a nonprofit institution, regionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). To learn more about their online EdD program, continue reading below.

Schools in Maine with Online EdD Programs

As mentioned above, the University of New England has a fully online Doctor of Education in Transformative Leadership students can pursue through its College of Graduate and Professional Studies. The program is designed for professionals in any field, from education to the military, who want to grow as leaders and explore how to improve their current organization. Cohorts are admitted three times per year, in the spring, summer, and fall terms. A total of 51 credit hours are required to earn the degree, and students can expect to finish their coursework and dissertation in around three years. All degree requirements can be completed online, including the final dissertation defense. (There are no on-campus residencies or in-person class components). Instruction is delivered through a mix of prerecorded lectures and flexible synchronous sessions. Students utilize web/video conferencing and other online tools to collaborate and interact with colleagues and faculty, participating in instructor-led discussions, small group assignments, virtual seminars, and structured dissertation support.

Curriculum in the program covers a range of subjects related to organizational theory, community change, adult development, and research. In their first year of study, students take courses in Preparation for Transformative Leadership, Interpreting Empirical Data, Technology and Organizational Transformation, Qualitative Research Methods, Managing Change, and Policy Analysis. The second-year curriculum examines topics such as Enacting Transformative Leadership through Research, Using Theory to Guide Research, Conceptualizing Applied Research, Ethical Leadership, and Diagnosing Organizational Dynamics. There is also a Dissertation Seminar, where students develop the preliminary proposal for their capstone research project alongside their dissertation chair and committee. The third year of the program is dedicated entirely to dissertation research and writing. Students attend regular virtual meetings with their dissertation committee as well as peer reviewers to help with research development and keep them on track to deliver a finished product by the end of their final year.

For those interested in pursuing their EdD in a different specialization, such as Early Childhood Education, Educational Administration, or Curriculum and Instruction, many out-of-state schools offer online programs that accept students from Maine. Some are fully online, allowing students to complete their entire degree from a distance, while others require one or more visits to campus for residency sessions or other in-person instruction. To learn more about EdD specialization options and browse available programs, check out our Online EdD Program Specializations page.

Online EdD Programs in Maine

The following table includes a link to the University of New England’s online Doctor of Education in Transformative Leadership. For further information about their EdD program, including current admission requirements and tuition costs, click below to visit the school’s website.

University of New England

Accreditation: NECHE
Department: College of Graduate and Professional Studies